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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Easy Inexpensive Ways to Protect Your Data-Part 2

In part 1, we reviewd the strategy of having two identical synchronized hard drives.

Today's strategy is segregating the data on your hard drive. By keeping all your important data in a primary folder hierarchy you�ll be able to manage your important files more efficiently and reduce the risk of overlooking important information that needs backed up.

You�ll want to make sure that your data is organized in under a single folder (like My Documents) and organize within that folder. For those who don�t know, there are three basic types of software on your computer: the operating system (e.g. Windows), application software (e.g. Word), and data files (the files that that you�ve created and want to protect).

You�ll need to take a look at your application software settings and ensure that your data files created in those programs are stored in the folder you want, examples include your Outlook pst file, other Office applications, and your accounting software.

Next weeks post: Using an external hard drive backup.


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