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Project Process Overview

Risingline website Development Process

  1. Project Deposit—Prior to the project we collect a deposit for 50% of the estimated total. The project deposit is refundable; see our Terms and Conditions for details.
  2. Content & Site Structure—We collect the site-structure outline and the final content for each page of a website first. We've learned that having the site content before we begin project development is vital to ensuring the highest quality and efficiency and is an important factor in saving our clients time and money. We provide MS Word worksheets for your convenience. Note: If Risingline is providing professional content writing (copy writing) services we will complete that process with you separately, before starting the website development process.
  3. Creative Brief—Our creative brief is a concise process that condenses the essential information we need to create your custom Web design. This step also takes into account any branding or identity guides your company may have. We provide an MS Word questionnaire and then may further discuss your preferences depending on the information you provide in the questionnaire. The creative brief covers broad parameters. We don't burden you with having to specify all the details of your design and layout—that's the job of our experienced design team. We've found that the best end results are usually achieved from projects where our client has allowed us as much latitude as possible to create the design and layout of their site.
  4. Production Queue—Once we have the project deposit, the site structure worksheet, the site content and a completed creative brief in hand the project is ready for production and will enter our work queue. Typically it will take about two weeks in the queue before we start the design and development phase of your project.
  5. Website Graphic Design—We begin the process of designing the front-page concept and layout based on the direction you provided us in the creative brief.
  6. Website Framework Development—Concurrent with the design process, we configure the technical framework for your new site which can include the server, hosting space, databases, and applications.
  7. Front-Page Design Prototype—We present to you our front-page design concept.
  8. Front-Page Revision Rounds—You review the design concept and let us know what changes to make. A round of revisions is a list of changes to the existing concept, presented to us at one time. In a vast majority of our projects, extensive changes are not required at this stage because the creative brief ensures that what we develop is on track from the start. The number of revision rounds for your project will be specified in your project estimate.
  9. Front-Page Design Sign-off (Milestone 1)—Once all revision rounds are completed to your satisfaction we get your approval of the designs before proceeding to the next steps of the development process.
  10. Sub-Page Design Prototype—We present to you the sub-page(s) design concept based on the already approved front-page design. The number of sub-page designs/layouts will be specified in your estimate.
  11. Sub-Page Revision Rounds—You review the sub-page(s) design concept and let us know what changes to make. The number of revision rounds for your project will be specified in your project estimate.
  12. Sub-Page Design Completion—Once all revision rounds are completed to your satisfaction we present your final sub-page(s) designs.
  13. Graphic Design/Layout Sign-Off (Milestone 2)—We verify that the front-page and sub-page designs and layouts are precisely to your liking before beginning to code them to HTML/CSS.
  14. Web Design Coding and Site Development—We code your designs, apply them within the website framework and integrate into your new website any other site applications or features specified in your estimate (e.g. online forms, slideshow elements, online chat applications, etc.).
  15. Site Structure Development / Content Posting & Styling—We code and style the text and photo content you have already provided to us with site structure you have specified.
  16. Test Site Launch & Client Review—Your complete new website is presented to you in a test environment, separate from your existing live website and viewable only to you. We perform preliminary cross-browser testing to ensure consistent rendering in the browser you're using to view the test site.
  17. Final Client Review & Live Site Launch Sign-Off (Milestone 3)—You review your entire new website with all design and content and give us your approval before we proceed.
  18. Comprehensive Testing—We test the technical integrity of the approved final website configuration for code integrity, broken links and cross-browser compatibility.
  19. Live Site Launch—We complete the necessary domain and hosting tasks to make your new website live and available to the world.
  20. Final website Performance and Search Engine Optimization—We complete a list of technical tasks to ensure your website is authenticated and accessible by the major search engines and is optimized for performance. We provide you a summary list of these final behind-the-scenes tasks as well as a report verifying that your site contains no broken links.
  21. Initial website and Configuration Backup—We backup your entire website in its original tested and optimized format.
  22. Support (Ongoing)—We’re here for the long haul to support you as much or as little as you need for site updates, content changes, further development or feature integration. The solutions we develop are not proprietary so you are not obligated to rely on us for future maintenance and development.

General Graphic Design and Print Design Process

  1. Project Start/Information Gathering—We discuss with you the goals and key messages your design will be built around and determine from you any design elements that you would like to specify. We review examples and secure copies of your current branding if applicable for matching.
  2. Initial Feedback—We provide multiple draft design ideas and samples for your review and direction.
  3. Prototype Design (Milestone 1)—After considering our suggestions and feedback and design options, you tell us your design preferences and we develop a prototype design.
  4. Prototype Review—You review the design we create and let us know what changes to make.
  5. Prototype Revisions—We implement the design changes and present you with the final draft.
  6. Design Approval (Milestone 2)—You approve the final design(s) and layout(s) drafts.
  7. Final Design Creation and Layout—We develop your custom design in the appropriate format for its intended medium.
  8. Final Client Approval (Milestone 3)—Your final review and approval of the design and layout.
  9. Prepress Formatting—We compile your design into the appropriate format for your intended publishing per the requirements of your printer or media developer.
  10. Project Completion —We provide copies of the work as Licensed Property in the correct formats required by your printer, Web host, or publisher.


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