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Branding & Graphic Design services

Since 2006, Risingline has designed thousands of unique marketing pieces for businesses across North America. We're experts in clean, modern corporate design that effectively communicates your brand and strengthens the credibility of your message.

Identity & branding

A corporate identity is more than a fancy piece of artwork or a logo; it’s a symbol of your business that resonates with your target audience. We work with you to identify concise value statements and then help refine them into visual representations that express your unique value.

After developing a logo and design theme, we develop a professional look and feel for your business that creates an emotional attachment with your target audience and remains consistent across all communication mediums, so your branding message makes the biggest impact on your customers and prospects. We specialize in bringing together content from various sources and formats into a streamlined package for a polished presentation to your customers—for both print and digital publishing.

credibility through design

Graphic design for business should be distinctive but not so original that it veers from the established design principles. Adhering to the same principles that large, trusted brands use will impart instant credibility to your company.

Our Design Principles include:

  • Less is more. Cluttered pages degrade your brand and inhibit effective communication.
  • Establish a focal point. Every page needs an obvious starting point.
  • Utilize negative space. Negative (or white) space can professionally convey emphasis and provide balance.
  • Consistency and repetition. Attention to detail sets apart professional designs and conveys the quality of your brand.
  • We see with contrast. Ensure high contrast in both graphic design and typography.
  • Proximity. Ensure related elements are clearly associated with each other visually.
  • Alignment. All layout elements should be on a grid. Left or right justification is usually preferable to center justification.
  • Bold type. Use font size to create emphasis.
  • Venerability over vanity. Use established design standards rather than personal preferences.
  • The devil’s in the details—Misspellings, typos, and errors (no matter how small) will undermine your credibility.
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