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Ransomware – A New Threat to WordPress sites

December 4th, 2017

Wordfence recently posted an article on their site about a significant new threat to WordPress sites … ransomware.

While WordPress and CMS’s in general continue to pose a significant risk for hacking, ransomware until now has been confined to Windows operating systems on PCs. According to Wordfence, they recently identified attempts to upload ransomware to WordPress sites that “provides an attacker with the ability to encrypt a WordPress website’s files and then extort money from the site owner.”

WordPress is already the most vulnerable platform for hacking (See Securi’s Hacked Website Report – 2016/Q3), adding the risk of ransomware into the equation is another compelling reason for businesses and organizations to carefully evaluate the options, costs, benefits, and risks for deploying their websites on a CMS.

Risingline develops WordPress sites, but increasingly our recommendation to clients is to go with a professionally managed website (in which all management is done professionally off-server) rather than CMS’s; especially for their core public website pages. Professionally managed websites eliminate the vast majority of hacking (and now ransomware) risks that are inherent to CMS’s as well as providing other advantages such as quality control for SEO, accessibility, and style consistency.  For more detail please see our 2017 Web Development Trends and Best Practices Report.

In many cases, we’ve found a professionally managed website is not only much safer, faster and compliant but can have a lower total cost of ownership.

Congratulations to Placement Music for Their Super Bowl Win

February 4th, 2011

While we normally only post boring stuff related to Web development, design and marketing on our blog, I wanted to break with tradition to congratulate the impressive achievement of  Placement Music, a great customer of ours. Placement Music has only been in existence since last year but already they’ve scored huge with their music being featured in the Super Bowl. Wow!  From start up to the Super Bowl in less than a year! Sounds like we could all learn a thing or two about marketing from them. Just to be clear, we did not provide them their top-notch identity design or Website, those are from the talented folks at Tribal Chicken Design in Georgia.  We provide Placement Music custom HTML email design and support for Constant Contact.

Unlike China, Westerners Have the Freedom to Blog

August 26th, 2007

Looking through the headlines today, I ran across an article that reminded me how blessed those of us who live in Western democracies are to have systems of government that allow citizens to share information. Whether it be instructional, humorous, entertaining, critical, or complimentary, the right to create and disseminate thought and opinion is a blessing we, or at least I, take for granted.

Conversely, citizens of China would not be able to have blog sites like Michelle Malkin’s or Michael Moore’s. Even for blogs of a non-political nature, China has tight restrictions on the content and distribution of blogs within its borders. Among other things, it is unlawful for Chinese bloggers to maintain anonymity, which has created international backlash from some of the world’s most prominent technology firms and media watchdogs.

Regardless of the various opinions on the effectiveness of blogging, most of us can agree that we’ve been blessed with systems of government that allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to collaborate and communicate without the fear of authoritative reprisal. To that end, I’m more thankful upon reflection as I exercise my freedom by publishing this message. You should be too.

My Letter to the Idaho Statesman

March 4th, 2007

Thank you Idaho Statesman for your informative article new window on blogging that was featured on the front page of the March 2 edition.

I was in agreement with almost all the insight and advice provided in the article other than one notable exception: “Most companies can start blogging for between $25,000 and $45,000.” As principle with a marketing company focused on providing blogging solutions this statement strikes me as absurd, even laughable.

The fact is, any business that has a truly unique message and a passion to share it can be successful at blogging regardless of their budget or lack thereof. For those who have no budget at all, companies like Google and FeedBurner provide advanced blogging, podcasting, and RSS services at no charge whatsoever.


Douglas Case
RisingLine New Media Marketing


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