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Powerful CMS Made Simple Tool for Cut and Pasting from MS Word

November 17th, 2011

The newer installs we make of CMSMS now include a powerful paste tool that you’ll want to use whenever you cut and paste content to your site from MS Word or any other applications. If you don’t see this icon in your CMS please contact us about upgrading.

Normally, when you paste text content from MS Word it pastes with it MS Word background code which can distort your CMS styling or cause other undesirable effects.

Here are the instructions for using the CMS Made Simple Word Paste Tool:

1. Highlight the content in Word, right click copy.

MS Word

2. In your CMS page edit view, look for the MS Word Paste icon and click on it.

CMS Made Simple Paste from MS Word

3. After the Paste from Word window opens, right click paste or CTRL-V, then click insert.

MS Word Paste Tool CMS Made Simple

4. Your text now appears in your CMS edit window formatted without the MS Word background code. Adjust the styling and content if needed and press Submit or Apply to save.

Note: You should use this tool when pasting from any other source, not just MS Word.

Prevent Entourage from adding your email signature at the bottom of all replies

June 23rd, 2011

See also: Setting up a HTML email signature in Microsoft Entourage (Mac OS X)

For some strange reason Entourage 2008 adds your email signature at the very bottom of all replies and forwards in an email string. Not only will recipients not see your signature next to your more recent reply, if you reply to the same email string multiple times you end up getting a "stack" of your same email signature at the bottom of the message strings which looks quite unprofessional.

Although Microsoft has made it as un-intuitive as possible, there is a fix for this issue that allows your email signature to appear only after your replies. 

1. Bring Entourage into focus, then just go to the top menu Entourage -> Preferences ->

2. Then highlight "Reply & Forward" and check the box with the verbose description "Place reply at top of message and include From, Date, To, and Subject lines from original message" 

Entourage HTML Email signature

Mac OS X Lion Promises to Fix Annoying Usability Issue

June 10th, 2011

I was digging through the 250+ new features Apple is touting for the July release of OS X Lion when I almost fell out of my chair. Apple is finally fixing a basic usability shortfall of OS X that have has been a pet peeve of mine.

Lion will allow users to resize a window from any corner instead of being forced to use only the lower right hand corner. Yes it’s really true. Buried at the very end and classified in the lonely “Other Features” category we find:

Resize from any edge. You can now resize a window from any side or corner.

Is there really any questions as to why this would be an incredible benefit? Why it took Apple decades to do this I’ll never know but dragging my mouse across my 27″ iMac screen gets old real quick and I hate thinking anything that Microsoft makes is better than Apple. Thanks Apple, it’s about time!

Now if Apple can only fix the other major downfall in Finder by allowing one to sort alphabetically by folders first then files. While I love Macs I hate Finder primarily because it sorts files and folders as if they were the same animal. Apple makes it sound like this might change with Lion, but this is probably just wishfull thinking on my part.  Here’s what Apple says about the new Finder in Lion:

Sort files – A new button in the Finder toolbar lets you sort files by category, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Sort files by kind, application, date modified, date added, or size.

I don’t have my hopes up that this will make Finder much better, however anything they do to change Finder will be an improvement.

The other bit of good news is the Lion upgrade is priced at $30. Click here for a full list of the new Lion OS X features.

Trouble with Firefox and Windows Explorer After Windows 7 Update?

April 15th, 2011

Microsoft pushed a large Windows 7 automatic update package last night.

You may of found that after the mandatory reboot your Internet Explorer and Firefox will open and freeze up, display a blank window with no menus or control menu or buttons, or display the normal interface but not allow you to access the Web.

This problem is likely being caused by the incompatibility of one of your existing Windows 7 third party services or start-up items. Following is the process to resolve this issue:

  • Rather than start the troubleshooting by enabling half of the services and rebooting as the article describes, do the following first:
    1. On the services tab check the box “Hide all Microsoft Services” then Disable all, then Apply. Note: always click “Hide all Microsoft Services” before enabling or disabling any service through this troubleshooting process.
    2. On the Startup Tab, disable all, apply then ok and reboot.
    3. Check your Internet Explorer and Firefox; they are probably working again.
    4. Now go into msconfig (using the Microsoft support article instructions) and go to the services tab, hide all Microsoft services, enable all the services, OK, and reboot (notice that all the startup items are still disabled).
      • If IE and Firefox are working normally still, then you know the problem is with an incompatibility in one of the Startup items. Proceed to that tab and use the instructions provided in the Microsoft article for “enabling half the services” (but you will be enabling half of the startup items).  Eventually you’ll figure out which third party startup item is causing the problem. After you find the offending Startup item then enable all of your Services and reboot a final time.
      • If IE and Firefox are not working then start the process of “enabling half of the services” until you either find the service causing the problem. After you find the offending service then enable all your Startup items and reboot a final time.
  • I don’t recommend proceeding to the last step in the Microsoft article “To restore your Normal startup” which if taken will nullify all the troubleshooting you just performed.  Leave the settings on “Selective startup” However, you may need to manually enable future services or startup items in the future for them to work properly.

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